The Power of Ombre

The power of ombre still remains one of the hottest hair color trends and does not show any signs of leaving as it evolves with new incarnations of this colour technique constantly being created from free-painting balayage to super-subtle ‘ sombre.  It’s hugely popular as there are so many different options and it’s a low maintenance colour technique that works on all hair types and looks, where you customise your tones and enjoy the variation and unique personality this gives to your hair…….!

The ultimate ombre should be a seamless blend from darker base to lighter shades on the ends and whether that’s with lighter browns to caramel blondes or deep brown’s to reds, the possibilities are endless.


Classic ombre hues are still to be a big hit among the celebrities and a wide variety of this uber cool trend can be seen in every magazine and on nearly every runway.

Hair by TONI&GUY Nexis

This soft caramel ombre look is a super natural blend to mimic what the sun would naturally enhance and not too harsh or bright. We love this look either straight or curly and even if you’re far from the beach you can still achieve the ultimate beachy look. A soft transition from deep or soft brown into a lighter caramel ombre paired with loose curls can easily go from office to evening…….  Any skin tone can wear these soft shades, so simply ask our stylist’s to match up your ideal lighter shade to partner with your natural brown or darker base and skin tones.

This subtle sombre look, is basically a more subtle version of ombre and is great on all skin tones. With your natural color at the roots, it allows you to play around with the colors on the ends. This is a long lasting color and only needs to be maintained if a darker root or lighter/darker end is desired.

Hair by TONI&GUY Bangsar

This is a black cherry ombre where the rich, dark brown melts into vibrant cool and warm red tones. If you love dark hair with some jazz, this is the ideal colour for you and long hair is the ideal canvas for a beautiful ombré.

Hair by TONI&GUY Troika

This dramatic, crimson ombre is wonderful for darker hair as the roots are the natural tone so the upkeep is much easier, especially for those who don’t want to commit to being red from the roots to ends. It’s a soft transition into the dramatic variation of red’s and pink’s at the base.

Ombre started as a trend for longer hair, but now any length of healthy hair can rock it and there are no  rules to creating this look, as it all depends on the individual and their acceptance towards colour.  It’s so important to keep up with regular conditioning treatments before and after lightening hair and always use leave-in treatment and heat protectant before styling, so as to not damage lightened hair. Also make sure that if you’re not going to keep lightening the hair, at least keep up with toning it to maintain the hue.

Ombré creates a soft blend of color that is so luxurious, so go bold, soft, colorful or natural with endless color choices.