This Is How Everyone Will Be Wearing Their Lob Next Year

The lob is the one haircut that somehow manages to look flattering on every hair type and face shape, which is why it’s continuously been coined the hottest haircut for the last few years.

Case in point: along with the running list of celeb’s who’ve adopted the collar bone-grazing length, everyone you know including your sister, desk-mate, and barista have probably all gotten the cut at some point, too. It turns out that the in-between length is exactly what makes a lob universally flattering, we believe the clavicle or the collarbone is the most flattering on any woman. We really do believe that any girl that cuts their hair to their collarbone, it’s the cut that makes everything proportionate on a woman’s body.

If you’ve had a lob for a little while, you might have the itch to switch things up—even if you still love your cut. When you don’t want to commit to a new hair length or colour, adding some bangs to your lob can completely transform your look. Adding a fringe is a great way to create a ‘new’ style without the commitment of a drastic haircut or length change. You can keep the lob you already love and just enhance it with this mini snip. Depending on the fringe style, you can always camouflage the fringe easily if you decide the look is not for you.

Since not all fringes are created equal, you might be wondering what fringe styles will work best with your lob. Luckily, just like the cut itself, virtually any style pairs well with a lob whether you prefer full and blunt or ’60s-inspired curtain bangs. Your natural texture does play a big part in the type of fringe you choose. The great thing about a lob is that it works with so many different styles. You can go blunt and thick or even try texturised and angled. There is no set formula and you can experiment with a fringe to fit your personality and lifestyle.

However, we must stress that when choosing which type of bangs to get it’s important to keep your hair texture in mind and how much styling time you’re willing to put in. Are you willing to blow dry and even flat iron the fringe after every shampoo? Also, are you ok with leaving it natural if you decide to air dry?, are all questions you should be asking yourself before making a salon appointment.

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