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  • Harpers Bazaar Hair Awards – TONI&GUY Hotlist…….

    TONI&GUY Malaysia were thrilled to receive not only 1 but 3 awards in the latest Harpers Bazaar Hair Awards 2016………! One of our TONI&GUY Directors, William Wong received recognition for his mastery of long hairdressing and styling which is one of his passions and the style he created for celebrity judge Ai Lim, enhanced her […]

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  • LO-FI Hair This Summer

    lo-fi hair

    KISS GOODBYE TO FUSSY, PREENED, OVER-STYLED TRESSES. THIS SUMMER IT’S ALL ABOUT REVEALING THE REAL YOU WITH LO-FI HAIR As the saying goes: once is a fluke, twice is coincidence, and three times is a trend. The entire fashion industry was built on this idea. But what if the trend is that there is no […]

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  • Beach Style – Olsen Style

    Beach Style - Olsen Style

    The summer is perfect for beachy waves, and The Olsens are great examples of how to do it right! They regularly pull off this lived in relaxed style without ever being frizzy or greasy. Of course we can create this look for you in the salon, but we want to make sure you can recreate it […]

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    the quiff

    THE ROOTS The Teddy Boy subculture of the 1950s saw young men rebel against the functional military crew cuts of WWII. Choosing instead to combine elements from decadent 18th century pompadour style with the utilitarian flat top to create the quiff – a voluminous style that became the universal symbol of rock and roll and […]